About CSCR

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CSCR is an autonomous, multidisciplinary and non-partisan institution established in May 2015. It aims to project strategic foresight on issues of national and international import through dispassionate, impartial and independent research, analyses and studies.

The dynamics of strategic environment, rapid technological developments, emerging new paradigms of statecraft and global competition require a prudent observation and policy input for the national prospect. CSCR envisions research and policies for strategic national inquest, realizing the significance of traditional and non-traditional security challenges.

As a policy research Centre and interactive forum, CSCR aims to stimulate discussion, deliberation and debate on cross cutting strategic issues at national, regional and international level. Research studies and opinion papers, seminars and workshops, advocacy and consultancy are the major instruments employed by CSCR to provide a framework for professional expertise, doctrinal wisdom and vision that is indispensable for decision-making and policy formulation.

The prime purpose of CSCR is to develop a comprehensive understanding and promote a broad based, multidisciplinary strategic vision & perspectives on emerging realities relating to significant strategic issues, national and international security challenges, primarily stemming from regional issues of peace and stability.

CSCR aims to promote a holistic approach based research on the subjects interplaying with the national security challenges like foreign and domestic threats, energy security, socio-economic development, religious issues, environmental/climate change, peace & conflict, role of various ideological elements in the non-kinetic sphere, cultural harmony, constitutional development, protection of human rights, gender and other related issues.

The Institute encourages policy initiatives, reform processes, institutional responsiveness and substantial measures to protect the people’s right to life and fundamental freedom. The Institute endeavors for institutional development, capacity building, good governance and human resource development.

CSCR aims to design and lead advocacy campaigns on a range of issues pertaining to Pakistani state, community and society.

The descriptions of aims are enumerated as follows:

  • Capacity Building and Institutional Development
  • Culture, Heritage and Arts Studies
  • Development Studies
  • Education and literacy
  • Energy Studies: Conventional, Nuclear and Non-Conventional (Alternate / Renewable sources of Energy, Solar / Wind etc) Sources
  • Governance, Poverty Alleviation, Health and Social Welfare
  • Nuclear Studies: Nuclear Power and Policy, Safety and Security, Nuclear Doctrines and Deterrence, Arms Control, Disarmament and Non-Proliferation
  • Promoting respect and support for adherence to Constitution, Democracy, Fundamental Rights, Protecting of the Underprivileged Persons, Women and Children, through Advocacy and Campaigns
  • Regional Peace, Security and International Stability
  • Strategic Communications, Informatics and Media Studies (Print and Electronic Media)
  • Strategic, Security and Policy Studies

For significant strategic input on national policy matters, CSCR team carries out research projects, organizes seminars, workshops, policy dialogues, and discussions, writes opinion papers, press releases in print media and organizes appearance on national TV. Interdisciplinary interaction, consultancy and advocacy on important issues with the concerned stakeholders are also important features of the Institute that helps in developing a better understanding of vital national policies and actions. Further, CSCR in affiliation with other important think tanks and academic institutions provides a unique opportunity for learning, experience sharing and capacity building for the researchers, scholars and policy makers. CSCR promotes research and analyses on domestic and international affairs of strategic importance by:

  • Developing academic & research database, collection of books, research articles, national security archives, conference proceedings, seminar reports, policy briefs, concept notes and opinion articles etc
  • Disseminating knowledge & information management through a variety of available resources including print, electronic and other mediums, except when any contractual obligations require otherwise.
  • Enabling the researcher and scholars to produce articles, reports, studies and books
  • Introducing contemporary and emerging discourses on developments
  • Liaison building with reputable international scholars and institutions to project national and international perspectives on different security matters
  • Organizing roundtables, conferences, seminars, workshops
  • Providing strategic foresight through opinion articles from diverse circles of strategic community
  • Supporting studies that foster independent research in line with the objectives of the Institute.

CSCR methodology works with a framework of many idea and particulars which are amalgamated with each other to fabricate the essential analysis. This framework will be more explained in following pointers.

  • Giving legitimacy to ideas and sculpting them into words.
  • Assessing public opinion and behavior through rigorous research.
  • Planning and devising strategies most favorable to the people.
  • Generating debate and creating long-term goals to influence policy.
  • Disseminating facts, analyses and forecasts through print and digital media.
  • Creating awareness by engaging governments, civil society and the private sector in open debate and confidential discussion on the most significant developments in global affairs. CSCR organizes seminars, workshops and moderated discussion sessions in which the experts in respective fields present their findings on different issues.
  • Through the timely and rigorous analyses presented online and in monthly print issues, CSCR provides vital research outputs on current topics. These are circulated through paid subscription service.
  • Provision of research consultancy and advocacy services to the state officials and academia.
  • Developing new ideas and workable solutions as confrontational measures against emerging challenges.

CSCR focuses on analyzing and predicting events associated with local and international politics, countering militancy and terrorism, and devising geostrategic policy. We aim to inform and educate our readers through neatly divided sections, namely:

  • Defense and Security delve into the heart of the issue and thoroughly inspect contemporary local and international affairs.
  • Economy Section deals with the ever-changing world economy and how it affects us.
  • Issues concerning militancy and terror outfits are addressed in Armed and Dangerous.
  • While Environment Section discusses life and the environmental matters surrounding it.
  • A fresh perspective is given out in Setting the Record Straight
  • Whereas Strategic Pulse and Political Landscape provide insight into geopolitical strategy and national political affairs respectively.
  • In house Analysis deals with the immediate response and input on developing scenarios and issues.
  • Visuals deal with the Web TV shows, v-blogs exclusive photographic and info graphics. CSCR presents its viewers fact sheets through best available mediums of communication.

Above all sections are projected and published through our Publication, that we call, Stratagem Magazine. The detailed analysis from all the analysts is published on monthly basis in the magazine, which for now we publish online. The in house analysis, however, is only published on the website and does not become part of the monthly publication.

Apart from the publication of Magazine, we are also working on the following lines to educate and inform and update our readers about prevailing issues:

  • Weekly News Letter
  • Weekly Security Briefs
  • Weekly Geopolitical Log
  • Weekly Monitoring Briefs
  • Issue Briefs
  • Research Briefs

Generating debate and gathering public opinion through seminars and utilization of digital and social media are also a means through which CSCR aims to reach and influence intelligentsia and the intelligent masses alike.