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GCC, Arab Spring, Al-Jazeera, Qatar, Media

The Arabian Gulf is a home to several Arab countries that are closely knit in terms of geopolitical connectivity,...

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Reconfigure, Foreign Policy, Afghanistan, Pakistan, United States, China

  Pakistan has been an ally to the United States for decades. The entente began soon after Pakistan’s independence,...

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Media, War, Media Framing, Agenda Setting, Soft Power, Foreign Policy,

Conventional understanding of foreign policy is usually limited to the state and the type of government of that particular...

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Sin, Security, Dawn Leaks, Media, National Security, Information War ,4GW, Pakisan

A heavy proportion of a state’s survival in the world lies in the spine of a vigilantly orchestrated national...

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Alliances and coalitions form the core of international politics but more often come with a price. The norm of...

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Media, Military, Fourth generation warfare, Hybridwarfare

“Military” and “Media” are two opposite terms on the vocabulary spectrum and are well-established fields in the 21st century’s...

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Conflict Resolution, Proxy Wars, International

It is understandable that conflicts in the world have existed since the earliest of human interaction, but so has...

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