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Chile, Venezuela, and Bolivia Link: Fast Changing Political Face of South America Maduro

A few weeks back Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro snubbed Chilean President Pinera when he compared the latter with Augusto...

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United Kingdom, European Union EU

Britain’s determination of leaving the EU, even when facing penalties and knowing that it will have more trade restrictions...

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‘Fight for Hong Kong’, ‘Stand with Hong Kong’, ‘Liberate Hong Kong’, these are the slogans of the Hong Kongese...

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Modi, RSS, Kashmir, United Nations

The BJP’s act of practically repealing Article 370 by severing Ladakh away from Occupied Kashmir has been a dire...

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Trade War, US, China, Europe

Published in 2014, Henry Kissinger, in his book titled ‘World Order: Reflections on the Character of Nations and the...

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Gulf, US, Iran, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia

An average benign thought would defy the possibility of war between a United States (US) — who has seemingly...

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Libya, US, EU, Qatar

When Doha hosted the first meeting of the Libya Contact Group (LCG) in April 2011, the then British Secretary...

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China, Europe, Germany

There has been a lot of clamor in the European Union (EU) for Italy signing infrastructure projects, potentially including...

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