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Establishment of UN Cyber Peacekeeping Force: Prospects and Challenges

With the emergence of cyberspace as the fifth domain of warfare, the prospects of cyber conflicts have increased significantly....

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Facial Recognition, AI, US, India

Advancements in the field of Information and Technology have transformed every aspect of human life; politically, socially, economically and...

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On July 2, the United States branded Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) as a global terror outfit. The designation of...

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In a historic win, Narendra Modi has won another term in office as prime minister of India while his...

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Internet, UK, China, EU

The internet is often described as one of the greatest inventions of mankind. It has transformed everyday lives of...

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On May 11th 2019, terrorists stormed into Zaver Pearl Continental Hotel, Balochistan’s sole five-star hotel located in the strategic...

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Now that the fourth phase of the election for India’s Lok Sabha has concluded, the verdict is less than...

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BRAS, Balochistan, Terrorist

On April 18, 2019, at least 14 passengers were shot down by 15-20 militants after offloading 16 passengers from...

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Samjhauta Accused on Hindu Nationalism? Deconstructing the legality of the NIA verdict

On March 20th, a special National Investigation Agency (NIA) court in the Indian state of Haryana acquitted all four...

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