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Subterfuge of Demeaning Kashmiris

Even Stanley Cooper wouldn’t have imagined the scenario when he inked the poem, ‘Our Topsy-Turvy World’ where everything loses track, where peace can never reign, so long as the aberrations…

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The Afghan Dilemma and Policy Option

With three devastating terrorist incidents in four days, Kabul is in lockdown and Afghanistan paralyzed. While there have been half a dozen major attacks in Kabul this year, including at…

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Open SESAME: The Success of Scientific Collaboration in the Age of Conflict

Middle East, for the greater part of this century been in turmoil. From violence to autocratic, from an Arab Spring to an Arab Winter, it is a cesspool of political…

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Pakistan’s New Rising Ethnonationalist Faultlines

This research brief emphasizes on the ethnonationalist wave of terrorism in Pakistan and its dynamics. This brief seeks to address the contemporary context of ethnonationalism and the mounting concerns of…

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