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Erdogan’s Counter Coup: A Prelude to an End

Leadership in essence is a corollary of responsibility, conviction and initiative .Hence, leaders need to reach a level of self -belief to act and take ownership of repercussions. Stalwarts have…

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Chinks in MQM’s Armour

The soft revolt of Mr. Farooq Sattar, the second tier leader of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has dented the cohesion that was the hallmark of the political party which claims…

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International Bodies’ Conflict Resolution; A Failed Matrix in the Age of Proxy Wars

It is understandable that conflicts in the world have existed since the earliest of human interaction, but so has the process of resolving those conflicts. Humans form tribes that grow…

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CASA-1000: Opportunities and Challenges

The concept of regionalism has rebounded in the last few decades to overtake the idea of a globalized world that had been steadily losing impetus since the initial euphoria following…

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