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Women’s Political Representation in the European Union

Over the previous year the European Union has done an extraordinary arrangement to advance gender uniformity. One breakthrough from the perspective of getting through the ‘discriminatory constraint’, which is as…

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Countering Terrorism through Military Courts

Few days ago, the Pakistani law makers of major political parties agreed on two years’ extension of military courts, after deliberation for more than a month amidst blaring by media…

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NFC – Bottlenecks and Possible Solutions

Study of political arrangements of countries across the globe reveals that most of the central governments generate more revenues than regional/provincial governments. This disparity calls for establishment of revenue distribution…

Articles Asia Defense & Security Publications Region Themes

Unilateral and Collective Counter-Terrorism on the Durand Line

The Dilemma & the Response Contemporary terrorism commonly exists as a framework of rapid change, immense complexity and genuine uncertainties. But perhaps the most threatening aspect of this malice is…

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