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Media, War and Foreign Policy

Conventional understanding of foreign policy is usually limited to the state and the type of government of that particular state. In the study of international political community (International Relations), states…

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Nuclear Sanctions: Drifting Away From The US-Pakistan Détente

As 2016 came to a close, a familiar but unwelcomed chapter in US-Pakistan relations opened: the US imposed sanctions on seven Pakistani entities allegedly associated with Islamabad’s missile programme. The…

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Comparison of Economic Growth under Democracy and Dictatorship: Comparing Musharraf Era to the Post 2007 Regimes

Economies have different historical backgrounds and operate under sundry government structures. Every ruler comes up with his own economic and social policies which broadly affects the nation either in a…

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Pakistan’s Maritime Sector: Contemporary Challenges with Special Reference to Legal Implications

The maritime sector of any country holds pronounced benefits for its inhabitants and directly contributes in national development. Yet, there is little public awareness about the gravity of the maritime…

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The Building Block of the Nation: Youth, Education and Curriculum

Education is a vital investment for human and economic development and it is a long-run phenomenon. Education system is affected by the customs, culture, traditions and faith and at the…

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Quetta Commission Report and Counter Terrorism Measures

The recent Quetta Inquiry Commission Report raised some valid questions related to the management of security apparatus and counter-terrorism within the measures. The report, however, was quickly politicized with the…

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Altering Demographics of Indian-Held Kashmir

For almost seven decades, the issue of Jammu and Kashmir continues to remain the main dispute between two nuclear-armed neighbours India and Pakistan. The Jammu and Kashmir issue, is one…

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Gender Equality and Economic Prosperity in Pakistan

Gender refers to the socially constructed characteristics of women and men such as, norms and roles. These norms and roles vary from society to society. Gender equality is a phenomenon…

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The Sick Man of Europe

John Russell in 1853 coined the term ‘Sick man of Europe’ for the fragile Ottoman Empire. Successive Ottoman emperors failed to devise a political, economic and social system compatible with…

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Human Rights in the Wake of Climate Change

The phenomenon of human rights, its protection and its violation is one of the most vulnerable subjects prone to get affected by a number of factors. Be it a state…

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