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afghanistan, peace talks Assorted Readings

Why Peace Talks Are Washington’s Best Bet in Afghanistan

Every day, 15,000 U.S. forces deployed in Afghanistan fight Washington’s longest war. In 2018, their mission will cost Americans $45 billion in defense spending alone, almost enough to build U.S. President Donald Trump’s proposed...
Iran, Nuclear Assorted Readings

Can the EU save the Iran nuclear deal?

Following the unexpected sacking of US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini must be more concerned than ever before about the future of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of...
KSA, Prince Assorted Readings

Fresh Prince

It is not often that a Ritz-Carlton becomes a detention facility. But last November, when a large slice of the Saudi elite was arrested on accusations of corruption, the luxury hotel...
rethinking, islamophobia Assorted Readings

Rethinking Islamophobia

"Why is a Black woman on your book cover?" asked the middle-aged, South Asian woman, shortly after I finished lecturing at an event in Michigan. The woman posing the question...
trump, purge, usa Assorted Readings

Trump’s presidency is becoming ‘The Purge’

It’s official: President Trump’s 2020 reelection slogan will be lifted from a dystopian thriller in which a white - nationalist U.S. government suspends the rule of law. Variety described the film, “ The Purge: Election Year , ” as...
North Korea, Assorted Readings

he North Korea Deal

Sooner or later, the United States will either be in negotiations with North Korea or at war with North Korea. Given the unacceptable consequences of war, it is long past time to get realistic...
Afghanistan Assorted Readings

Opinions We’ve been in Afghanistan for 6,000 days. What are we doing?

With metronomic regularity, every thousand days or so, Americans should give some thought to the longest war in their nation’s history. The war in Afghanistan, which is becoming one of...
Modi, Diplomacy Assorted Readings

Bringing up Modi, diplomatically

CONSIDER the past and you shall know the future, says a Chinese proverb. That is something the Narendra Modi government did not keep in mind when it embarked on its...
BJP, Tripura Assorted Readings

Beyond the chessboard duel

RESULTS from the remote, predominantly tribal, Tripura assembly elections have set off a false alarm and, predictably, a false debate within the left. On the other hand, the outcome comes...
North Korea, Nuclear Arsenal Assorted Readings

Raising Hopes, North Korea Offers to Talk About Its Nuclear Arsenal

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea’s sudden willingness to bargain with the Trump administration over scrapping its atomic arsenal surprised the world on Tuesday, setting in motion an unpredictable diplomatic...

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