Monthly Global Forecast | April 2022

Politics and Governance

France will hold its Presidential elections from 10-24 April 2022.

After witnessing the horrors of the pandemic, the historic invasion of Ukraine and the ever-looming dangers of the climate change, it will be a crucial time for the French voters to decide whether President Emmanuel Macron will be given another term or a new candidate should be tested. The elections will start on 10 April and will be followed by a face-off of two candidates on 24 April. The candidate will need to win a scholarship of 500 from around 42,000 designated officials. Currently 12 candidates have been able to get those scholarships. The names include: Emmanual Macron, Nathalie Arthaud, Anne Hidalgo, Yannick Jadot, Jean Lassalle, Nicolas Dupont, Jean Luc Melenchon, Marine Le Pen, Philip Poutou, Eric Zemmour, Velerie Pecresse and Fabien Roussel. Majority of the polls have predicted that Macron will face Marine Le Pen in the second round.

Legislative Elections will be held in Hungary on 3 April 2022.

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia has made these elections extremely important and has confronted the Hungarian voters to consider their choices in a prudent way. Before the invasion, Viktor Orban was considered to be the best candidate to be re-elected, however now, his close alignment with Putin has impacted the public to reconsider. Moreover, the opposition, led by Peter Marki zay, has joined hands under ‘United for Hungary’ banner to topple down Orban who has been the prime minister of Hungary since 2010. The voters have to make the hard decision; whether to elect the person who is considered to be the greatest ally to Putin or the opposition who would align with the EU and NATO? The elections are significant in terms of the future prospects between Hungary and Russia who have enjoyed close links in the past.

Serbian Presidential and early Parliamentary Elections will be held on 3 April 2022.

The republic will hold these elections after the amendment of the electoral legal framework which was implemented in February 2022. The amendment was a result of two important dialogues between the EU and the government. It will help to ameliorate the whole electoral system including the finances, proper representation of the opposition, election commissions, and the status of the observers. The war in Ukraine is greatly influencing the elections with the EU pressure to follow its lead by sanctioning Russia. According to polls, President Aleksandar Vucic is expected to win the general elections.

Defence and Security

Aerospace and Defense Supplier Summit will be held from 11-13 April 2022 at the Washington State Convention Centre in Seattle, WA.

The Summit will provide opportunity to the leaders in aerospace industry to engage with the industry partners. It will be a supply chain event organized to bring individuals from aerospace, defense, supplier and manufacturers under one roof to discuss procurement, fabrication, supply chain, engineering and service providers. All the one-to-one meeting between participants will be pre-arranged. To make the experience exquisite for the participants the organisers, BCI Aerospace has collaborated with the Group Travel Associates to find best hotels during their visit.

Future Armoured Vehicles Situational Awareness (FAVSA) is set to happen in the UK from 4-5 April 2022.

Armoured vehical capabilities in militaries are evolving throughout the world and the need of situational awareness to make informed and careful decisions in times of crisis is also accelerating. The event will focus on discussions of how to empower commanders to take necessary decision in times of war. The warfare industry is driving to integrate more innovative techniques in armoured vehicles that can “collate, integrate and use information and data through a range of sources previously unavailable”. New threats are rising due to these innovations. The conference will include “military representatives, industry and system integrators” who will share their thoughts on these innovations and provide wider understanding of the challenges. This year the conference will include the technical experts behind latest innovations such as “Vetronic Architectures,AI and AR technology, autonomous capabilities, CIS, sensor technology, active protection systems and crew display solutions”  along with wide-ranging contributions from those directly involved in allied nations development programmes.

Energy and Environment

The Extension Rebellion Protest will be held in London on 9 April 2022.

The vision for the movement will be to participate and to refuse to be a bystander for the sole motto of building a world of love care and freedom. The basic demand is to recognise the importance of immediate action to cope with the severity of the situation. It will shed light upon the need for social, economic and political changes that will save humanity of the inevitable threats it faces now. The most immediate call is to end the consumption of fossil fuels and the fossil economy and come up with strategies that could support mass mobilization. It will also ask the authorities to be transparent in showing the severity of the situation with the masses and call upon the ordinary people to take bold steps in the right direction.

The Second Part of UN Biodiversity Conference will be held from 25 April to 8 May 2022 in Kunming, China.

The first part of this conference was virtually held from 11- 15 October 2021. The conference will summon governments and concerned individuals from around the globe to discuss guidelines and set goals for the next decade to preserve nature. It will also include discussion on its plan to transform relationship with biodiversity and to fulfill its the vision of living in harmonious way with nature by 2050. The conference will especially discuss the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) that promotes the sharing of useful benefits of nature, and secure handling, labelling and transport of Living Modified Organisms.

Trade and Economics

Asia- Europe Business and Social Forum 2022 will take place in London on 12 April 2022.

It will be the 17 edition of the event with a one-day mega summit that will bring together leaders and big businesses from the continents of Asia, Africa, Middle East and Europe. The participants will suggest new ways of economic cooperation, investment and networking between the continents. USA, France, UK, Singapore, India, Germany, Indonesia, Thailand, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, China, UAE, Cambodia, Myanmar, Oman, Morocco, Malaysia, South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria are confirmed to participate in the forum. AsiaOne Media Group will discuss the social and economic progress of Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa and different ways the continents can collaborate to improve economic growth and sustainable development.

2022 ECOSOC Forum on Financing for Development (FFD) is set to happen from 25-28 April 2022.

The President of the ECOSCOC will host the forum. The FFD assess the Addis Ababa Action Agenda and additional financing for development implementation of the SDGs. It also calls upon government officials, officials from government organisations, and other concerned people from civil and business sector and provide them the opportunity to interact with each other on the concerned issues. It will also include a Special High-level Meeting with international institutions like, the World Trade Organisation, the Bretton Woods Institution, and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. Other events related to financing for achieving SDGs, gender equality and 2030 Agenda will also happen along with it.

Spring Meetings of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary fund will be held from 18-24 April 2022 in Washington D.C, USA.

The event will be hybrid and the participants will be able to join virtually or in person. It will include public events like seminars, press conferences and engagements between Civil Society Organisation. The event will be available virtually in all digital platforms of IMF and World Bank. Both IMF and WBG will continue to keep track of the health situation worldwide and alter their plans according to their relevance and better proposals.

Social Issues

2022 UNECE Regional Forum on Sustainable development will be held from 6-7 April 2022 in Switzerland.

It will be followed by the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) 2022 and is summoned by the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE). The forum will evaluate the progress and discuss relevant knowledge, adoptable practices and implementation of policies that can be practiced in achieving the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. It will also consider the regional priorities and practices that can help achieve these goals.

5th OECD Roundtable on Cities and Regions for the SDGs will be held on 26 April 2022.

The event will call upon major stakeholders including government officials, civil society, humanitarians, academics and important individuals from international organisations from different cities, countries and regions. The agenda of the roundtable will include:

  • Presenting the OECD policy paper on the Sustainable Development Goals as a Framework for COVID-19 Recovery in Cities and Regions, based on the OECD- CoR Survey.
  • Showcase the OECD Toolkit to device a Territorial Approach to the SDGs, including: i) lessons from 10 policy dialogues with cities and regions; ii) effective models on how cities and regions are using the SDGs as a policy-making tool; iii) a Self-Assessment tool for cities and regions to monitor how they are following the OECD Checklist on a Territorial Approach to the SDGs.
  • Discussion on how city-to-city partnerships and decentralised development co-operation can contribute to localising the SDGs and addressing the unfolding uncertainty in the current international context.


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