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Indo-Pak Contention: The Villainy of Power Politics

“Do you want India-Pakistan enmity to turn like Israel and Palestine, and fight for ages?” said the venerable Indian actor Om Puri when faced by a rightwing talk show host,…

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Regional Peace through Border Management

Borders are essential in the demarcation between states. There are contemporary challenges to states, some are domestic while others are international. Above all a state is concerned about its sovereignty….

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Indus Water Treaty and the Case for Hydro-hegemony

The past few days have seen a rise of war hysteria between Pakistan and India. India seems bent on pushing its neighbor towards isolation, and while Pakistan has shown resilience…

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The Bargaining Chip for Saudi Arabia

The maize of politics is always unfolding in appalling ways, especially when it comes to the polarity of the world. The transition in polarisation is mostly marked by confrontations. The…

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