Presidential Elections, Venezuela, US, EU, Russia, Turkey, IMF Americas Articles Politics & Governance

Venezuela’s Presidential Elections 2018 and Future Political Challenges

The Venezuelan nation participated in the national presidential elections held on May 20, 2018. From the very beginning, these elections were subject to constant rescheduling. Initially they were supposed to…

Fata Merger, Pakistan, FATA, FCR, NFC, KP Articles Asia Politics & Governance

Merger of FATA: Possible Outcomes and Reforms

One of Pakistan’s dilemmas, ever since its inception, has been the matter of its frontiers. Even after the country’s partition, in August 1947, the Pakistani Government has been constantly involved…

A-Bomb, Pakistan, Nuclear, India, USA, IAEA Articles Asia Defense & Security

Tracing the evolution of A-Bomb for Pakistan

It has been two decades since Pakistan conducted a series of nuclear tests. The journey had never been a smooth sailing largely due to the civil military tussles, institutional rivalries,…

CPEC Monitor, Balochistan CPEC Monitor

CPEC Monitor May 26- June 01, 2018

A weekly compilation of political, security, economic and social updates about the China Pakistan Economic Corridor in the form of news monitor.

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