Cyber security, US, China, Russia

In recent years, several states have developed cyber capabilities being used against rival states. The rapid weaponisation of cyberspace has entered the fifth domain of warfare wherein states engage in short of war battlefield. The absence of international rules to deal with cyber arms race is aggravating the cyber landscape. A number of challenges identified are a hindrance towards an international cyber regime. Similarly, experts remain divided on what approach should be adopted to deal with threats from the cyber domain. The paper investigates the approaches of leading cyber advanced countries, the United States, China and Russia towards establishing an international cyber regime. Despite differences in the cyber domain, the three countries face common threats which can serve as the basis for cooperation in the establishment of an international regime

This research paper was originally published in the CSCR’s biannual research journal Stratagem. The full publication is accessible on the journal website or alternatively download its pdf by clicking on the link.

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