One Year Post Illegal Annexation of IOJ&K – Analysing Pakistani and Indian State Responses

Key Points:

  • The reasons for inability to adequately highlight the illegal nature of India’s aggression are many, including visible policy disorientation toward the complexities at hand and lack of strategic communications during international lobbying.
  • Since India’s illegal annexation of IOJ&K, federal government and opposition parties in Pakistan remained unsuccessful in pushing for a unified whole-of-nation approach against India. There is visible disinterest in the issue.
  • It is noteworthy that the Government of IOJ&K did not receive a show of solidarity or any assistance from any other state in India with respect to illegal annexation of IOJ&K.
  • India stood to benefit from Pakistan’s internal disharmony and lack of a unified response during the whole year post abrogation of Articles 370 and 35A. At the end, it is Pakistan that needs to seriously introspect and revise its modus operandi.
Zaki Khalid

Zaki Khalid

is a freelance national security and strategic affairs commentator whose writings have appeared in South Asia Journal, The Nation, Russian International Affairs Council, The Frontier Post and Pakistan Observer, to name a few. He can be reached on Twitter @misterzedpk

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