Ecstatic Climate Justice Americas Articles Energy & Environment Europe

Ecstatic Climate Justice

Progression of climate change is evident through such catastrophes as Superstorm Sandy, devastating floods in Pakistan, Ethiopia’s dry season and Europe’s heat waves. These disasters display the increasing impacts of…

Global Health Governance: COVID-19 and WHO Americas Articles Asia Politics & Governance

Global Health Governance: COVID-19 and WHO

During the 19th and 20th centuries, states increasingly realized that they faced a variety of transnational issues which they could not tackle on their own. Hence, for catering such concerns…

Carpe Diem: How Should Pakistan Proceed Post US Elections Americas Articles Politics & Governance

Carpe Diem: How Should Pakistan Proceed Post US Elections

November 2020 will decide the course of action for the United States – and the world to some extent – for the next four years. The US election will pit…

Cyber Crimes in the Time of COVID-19 Americas Articles Asia Defense & Security Europe

Cyber Crimes and Psychological Distress amid COVID-19

It has been four months now since the COVID-19 has internationalised itself. By April 20, there have been more than 2.4 million confirmed cases and over 165,000 deaths. Consequently, when…

Americas Asia Europe Perspectives Politics & Governance

Emerging Technologies and Strategic Stability: A Race towards Ubiquity

Key Points:  The technological revolution and revolution in warfare have gone hand in hand over centuries. The emerging technologies are also changing the nuclear lexicon known as Cross Domain Deterrence….

Corona Republics: Globalisation world with a National Face? Americas Articles Asia Europe Politics & Governance

Corona Republics: Globalisation with a National Face?

The coronavirus pandemic has taken the world intelligentsia by storm. The prevailing concepts of security, governance, and public administration stand questioned. Many are picturing frightening dystopias emerge from this outbreak….

What to Expect from Upcoming the American Presidential Election? Americas Articles Politics & Governance

What to Expect from the Upcoming American Presidential Election?

The presidential election of the United States (US) has an adamant effect over the rest of the world. It is primarily due to the political and economic influence which the…

Americas Asia Europe Perspectives Politics & Governance

Critical Appraisal of Social Media Regulations Across the World

Key Points:  The concept of social media’s self-regulation in its essence has failed. It is because of the fact that political ads have found their way into the targeted society…

Chile, Venezuela, and Bolivia Link: Fast Changing Political Face of South America Maduro Americas Articles Politics & Governance

Chile, Venezuela, and Bolivia Link: Fast Changing Political Face of South America

A few weeks back Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro snubbed Chilean President Pinera when he compared the latter with Augusto Jose Ramon Pinochet, the brutal general turned dictator who ruled Chile…

United Nations, Technology, Americas Articles Defense & Security

Integrating Cyber-peacekeeping Unit within the UN Peacekeeping Force

Since 2005, more than 320 state-sponsored cyber operations have been conducted. The ever-increasing rate of cyber operations has raised the prospects of cyber conflicts. With more than 30 states having…

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