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Globalization of Corruption

Undoubtedly, none of the individuals named in the “Panama Papers” had foreseen the unexpected outcome to their rather suspicious actions. Thanks to globalization, even though the boundaries of states might…

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The 2016 Elections in the Star-Spangled Banner

Why bother with America’s Elections of 2016? The 2016 US Presidential elections are perhaps the signposts of a new era, the façade of a decision point in US history and…

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Nuclear Disarmament and Peace: A Tenuous Equation

Throughout the course of history, war and conflict have been a recurring theme. It may not be wrong to say that power is a force of history and that wars…

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The Syrian Crisis: Sectarianism – A Foreign Agenda?

Undoubtedly, Syria has suffered from acute sectarianism, grappling with tumultuous religious polarization, particularly from the year 2011-12 onwards. Still in flux, the Syrian civil war has rippled across the regional…

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