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NFC – Bottlenecks and Possible Solutions

Study of political arrangements of countries across the globe reveals that most of the central governments generate more revenues than regional/provincial governments. This disparity calls for establishment of revenue distribution…

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Unilateral and Collective Counter-Terrorism on the Durand Line

The Dilemma & the Response Contemporary terrorism commonly exists as a framework of rapid change, immense complexity and genuine uncertainties. But perhaps the most threatening aspect of this malice is…

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Kashmir, Down the Drain: A Lost Paradise

With the area of around 86,000 square miles, Kashmir is a land facing the longest military occupation and surveillance due to an unresolved conflict, since almost 70 years. India has…

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Deterrence and Second Strike Capability of South Asia

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting” (Sun Tzu) In the contemporary era of nuclear deterrence, the probability of a conventional war has lessened because…

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CPEC and Imperialism

  The famous Greek philosopher Aristotle said “Man is a social animal. He who lives without society is either a beast or God”. At the same time, man is often…

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Pakistan’s Counter Terrorism Campaign : A Need for Re-evaluation

After the recent spate  of unfortunate events of Terror in Karachi, Lahore, Quetta, Mohmand Agency, Peshawar and now Sehwan, questions are being raised on the effectiveness and sincerity of Pakistan’s…

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Synchronization of Interests: Emerging Strategic Partnerships between China, Russia and Pakistan in a Brave New World

The dawn of 21st century introduced a new dynamic in power politics and relationships in the globe. Nations fractured, insurgencies grown, societies faltered, and faiths challenged. The genesis of this…

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BRICS: Multilateralism in Changing Times

The post-Cold War era has brought about an avalanche of complex changes and intimidating challenges in the international system. After the disintegration of the USSR, the world was left with…

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Media, War and Foreign Policy

Conventional understanding of foreign policy is usually limited to the state and the type of government of that particular state. In the study of international political community (International Relations), states…

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Nuclear Sanctions: Drifting Away From The US-Pakistan Détente

As 2016 came to a close, a familiar but unwelcomed chapter in US-Pakistan relations opened: the US imposed sanctions on seven Pakistani entities allegedly associated with Islamabad’s missile programme. The…

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