Europe's Refugee and Migration Crisis Articles Defense & Security Europe

Europe’s Refugee and Migration Crisis

The war in Ukraine has increased the number of people seeking asylum in Europe, pushing those fleeing previous wars to the back of the queue. Since Russia invaded Ukraine on…

Ukraine Conflict: Russia Withdraws while Ukraine Advances Articles Defense & Security Europe

Ukraine Conflict: Russia Withdraws while Ukraine Advances

On 11 November 2022, Russian forces completely withdrew from Kherson, and on the same day, Ukrainian forces entered the city. The Russians didn’t only leave the city; they also withdrew…

Impact of Russia's Gas Blockade on Europe Articles Energy & Environment Europe

Impact of Russia’s Gas Blockade on Europe

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has delivered a shock to oil and gas markets in Europe. Europe is heavily dependent on Russia for its oil and gas for more than…

The Aegean Dispute – NATO's Persistent Predicament Articles Defense & Security Europe

The Aegean Dispute – NATO’s Persistent Predicament

From South America to Europe to East Asia, there are several cases where Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) of two or more countries overlap. However, none of these maritime boundary issues…

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