Indo-US Foundational Agreements: Contributing to India’s Military Capabilities

Key Points:

  • India and the United States (US) have signed several bilateral agreements based on their shared interests, which greatly enhance India’s military capabilities.
  • For the US, countering China comes at the top of its Indo-Pacific agenda through all available means including strengthening and arming India.
  • For India, the assistance coming from the US helps it in achieving its vision of regional dominance. Also, the US’ investments and access to the Indian market proves beneficial for both countries.
  • US-backed Indian force modernization and competitiveness comes with considerable implications for the region.
  • Due to its increased military capabilities, India’s assertiveness is growing in its relations with the smaller states in South Asia. The situation provides Pakistan with more opportunities for enhancing cooperation with those smaller countries.
  • However, Pakistan’s resource constraint will be a major impediment in its response to the subsequent bilateral challenges.

Samran Ali

Samran Ali is a Research Assistant at the Center for International Strategic Studies, Islamabad. He can be reached at @samranali6 on Twitter.

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