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IS-KP’s Objectives in Afghanistan

The war against Islamic State (IS) has ended in Iraq and Syria, after the Iraqi Prime Minister announced the victory in Baghdad. Two days later, Putin also ordered partial withdrawal…

Articles Defense & Security Middle East & North Africa

Navigating and Preventing ‘Vehicle Borne Terrorism’

The global trend of Vehicle Borne Terrorism (VBT) is mainly fuelled by religious affiliations and revenge motivations. Ever since the resurgence of the global Vehicle Borne Attacks (VBA), terrorism has...
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Internal divisions within Baloch Liberation Army

On 2nd December, Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) posted a detailed statement on Baloch Liberation Voices. In a detailed statement, the High Command of BLA claimed to inform about the post-24th…

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Russia Information Operations Vex United States

Information operating units in Russia trace their history back to the times of Soviet Union. General Ion Pacepa, spymaster in the former Warsaw Pact state of Romania, has written substantially…

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