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Air and Outer Space of Pakistan

International law identifies several methods of acquisition of a territory i.e. occupation, cession, prescription, accretion, adjudication, conquest, acquiescence, recognition, and estoppel. Malcolm Shaw recognizes air space and outer space as…

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Getting the Pakistani Counter-Terrorism Paradigm Right

Evolving from Tactics to Strategy Despite daily reports of tens of miscreants eliminated and militant hideouts destroyed, Pakistan stands at an all too familiar point: reeling from a spate of…

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Indian Hardware Advances: Strategic Stability in South Asia

Indian hardware advances, developments in Ballistic Missile Defences (BMD), and Multiple-Independent Re-entry Vehicles (MIRVs) has provided technical means for Indian leadership to execute splendid first strike. The leadership is on…

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The March of Militant Islamophobia

An attack on a mosque in Quebec on January 29, 2017 has sent shockwaves across the world. Six Muslim worshippers were murdered in cold blood by an attacker who was…

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