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Pakistan's Climate Discourse Shift: Manmade Disasters and Reparations Articles Asia Energy & Environment

Pakistan’s Climate Discourse Shift: Manmade Disasters and Reparations

Discourses and narratives on climate within the context of Pakistan are undergoing two significant shifts. Firstly, and unsurprisingly, extreme weather events are being described as “manmade” disasters as opposed to…

Energy & Environment Perspectives

Iranian Energy Diplomacy and Prospects for Pakistan

Key Points: With its growing urban settlement and large population, Pakistan faces a crisis in the supply of domestic energy needs. Despite the emphasis of Pakistan’s National Security Policy (NSP)…

Climate-Induced Migration in Pakistan Articles Asia Energy & Environment

Climate-Induced Migration in Pakistan

Pakistan has been ranked among the top ten countries most vulnerable to climate change. Countries like Pakistan with low climate resilience, poor governance and weak infrastructure face multiple challenges in…

Energy & Environment Perspectives

NSP and Climate-Smart Agriculture in Pakistan

Key Points: Food security is one of the central themes of the National Security Policy of Pakistan (NSP) 2022-2026. The provision of the most fundamental essentials for life, such as…

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