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Coronavirus and Climate Change: Two Exigencies, One stone? Articles Energy & Environment

Coronavirus and Climate Change: Two Exigencies, One Stone?

Amidst a growing global death toll, strict social isolation measures and grave economic implicationswrought by the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the planet Earth has emerged as an unexpected beneficiary.With reduced…

Global Waste Trade: The Ugly Contour of Globalisation Articles Energy & Environment

Global Waste Trade: The Ugly Contour of Globalisation

Connecting two odd worlds, the supranational phenomenon of globalisation is most vehemently manifested in the sphere of global economic integration. The hyper-globalists opine that this revolutionary phenomenon has engaged all…

Pakistan, Electric Vehicle Policy Articles Asia Energy & Environment

Pakistan’s Electric Vehicle Policy: Opportunities and Challenges

Pakistan at the moment is hit by worst ever smog. The country is the fifth most vulnerable to climate change in the world. Meanwhile, in November 2019, Pakistan government approved…

The North, The South and The Plastic Articles Asia Energy & Environment

The North, The South and The Plastic

In the recent decades, as the climate question has constantly become more and more relevant, its scope has widened incrementally. What was initially a mere matter of environment, now is…

Environment, Brazil Americas Articles Energy & Environment

The Amazon Inferno: A Wake-up Call for the World

The Amazon Rainforest, dubbed as the lungs of the Earth as it produces 20% of the world’s oxygen and a key component in the fight against climate change is facing…

Maldives, Climate Change Articles Asia Energy & Environment

Green Insecurity in Maldives: Keeping the Heads above Water

Climate change is possibly the most crucial issue facing the global community now-a-days. This burning problem has horrendous impacts and it will be infantile to think otherwise. The Republic of…

Sudanese, Climatic Cause, Climate Change, War Articles Energy & Environment Sub Saharan Africa

Sudanese Unrest and the Underplaying Covert Climatic Causes

For all the glorification ascribed to democracy; it should come as no surprise as to why most societies today aspire for a system with more civilian liberties based around egalitarian…

CPEC, Energy, Pakistan Articles Asia Energy & Environment

Dirty Energy in ‘New’ Pakistan?

There is a pattern that is encapsulating almost all of the major countries in the world; that they are looking to withdraw from dirty sources of energy, especially coal which…

Relations, Diplomacy Articles Asia Energy & Environment

Rain on Relations, Drought on Diplomacy

Politics, whether be within or outside borders, has but one rule and which was crafted well in the sentence: ‘There are no permanent enemies, and no permanent friends, only permanent…

Creative Destruction, Pakistan Asia Energy & Environment

Creative Destruction: Pakistan’s Track to Modernity

When something is destroyed, it makes room for recreation. Loss is inevitable, but destruction provides an opportunity for reconstructing what was, into something bigger and better than before. Joseph Schumpeter…

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