Critical Appraisal of Social Media Regulations Across the World

Key Points: 

  • The concept of social media’s self-regulation in its essence has failed. It is because of the fact that political ads have found their way into the targeted society pushed by either state or non-state actors.
  • Whenever we talk about social media and its utility, it has two sides across its spectrum. On one side reside those who are the champions of free speech and open society. On the other hand, proponents of interest groups and state entities see unregulated social media as a threat to core interests or values.
  • Different countries have made laws to regulate social media based upon their own understanding, political practices, societal norms, and usage of these platforms
  • The social media platforms must collaborate with state agencies as well as business communities for a comprehensive mechanism for regulation of social media.
  • The information age cannot undermine the role of social media platforms. Hence it should be reformed or regulated but not controlled.

Syed Ali Hadi

Syed Ali Hadi formerly worked as a Research Assistant at the Centre for Strategic and Contemporary Research.

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