Emerging Technologies and Strategic Stability: A Race towards Ubiquity

Key Points: 

  • The technological revolution and revolution in warfare have gone hand in hand over centuries.
  • The emerging technologies are also changing the nuclear lexicon known as Cross Domain Deterrence.
  • If we take the case that emerging technologies would increase strategic stability both at regional and international levels, then the same technologies would eventually become ubiquitous and part and parcel of our everyday life.
  • If we take into account that emerging technologies would adversely affect strategic stability then again it would be an arms race in technology.
  • It is evident that no matter if strategic stability would stabilise once and for all or will remain in contested concept of security dilemma, technology will spur a change in the sectors of the society and statecraft equally.

Syed Ali Hadi

Syed Ali Hadi formerly worked as a Research Assistant at the Centre for Strategic and Contemporary Research.

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