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Return of the Asian Century

The projection of the Asian Century is rooted in the dominance of diverse culture, sundry politics and widespread economy of Asian States. Credence in a future Asian Century is embedded…

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Surgical Strikes: A Political Examination

As the global news media resounded with earth shattering statements of the Indian Director General Military Operations, stating that India had taken the much feared step to discard its doctrine…

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Deconstructing Modi’s Agenda for Afghanistan

President Ashraf Ghani made an unexpected visit to India on the eve of Eid-ul Adha to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi. After the meeting, Indian Prime Minister pledged an astounding…

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Renewed Motivation: The Rising Generation of Kashmir

The present Kashmiri generation is by all accounts far more firm; dedicated and unmistakably bound to one single idea which is to reclaim its right of self-determination from the occupation…

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