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Indus Water Treaty and the Case for Hydro-hegemony

The past few days have seen a rise of war hysteria between Pakistan and India. India seems bent on pushing its neighbor towards isolation, and while Pakistan has shown resilience…

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The Bargaining Chip for Saudi Arabia

The maize of politics is always unfolding in appalling ways, especially when it comes to the polarity of the world. The transition in polarisation is mostly marked by confrontations. The…

Media, Military, Fourth generation warfare, Hybridwarfare Articles Asia Politics & Governance Publications Region Themes

Military and Media: The Two M’s of Modern Warfare

“Military” and “Media” are two opposite terms on the vocabulary spectrum and are well-established fields in the 21st century’s academic and practical front. Evolution in a methodological application is an…

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US Elections: The Presidency of Donald Trump

The election of Donald J Trump as President Elect of the United States in the 2016 elections has come as a shock for many. The controversial nature of Trump’s presidential…

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