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Why bother with America’s Elections of 2016?

The 2016 US Presidential elections are perhaps the signposts of a new era, the façade of a decision point in US history and a critical juncture for world powers, including Pakistan. The US executive has increasingly transformed into a ‘global leader’, underscoring that American elections are more than a mere domestic event. What is fascinating is that US elections are generating a “global constituency”, which believes that it is “participating” in the elections, even without voting. For better or for worse, Pakistanis certainly belong to this “constituency”
Unlike the tenure of President George W. Bush, President Obama’s term appears unlikely to end with a political exclamation mark. This makes for a rather balanced equation, as far as the contest for the supreme leadership is concerned. US candidates have presented voters with an assortment of choices, ranging from maintaining the status quo of US engagement in world politics to producing a gradual exit from the international system.

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Muhammad Omar Afzaal

is pursuing his doctoral studies from Brown University.


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