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The 2016 US election is almost over. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have cut different molds throughout the 2016 election cycle, labeled as “the nastiest in many decades and one that will leave an uncertain legacy for future cycles”. Trump can upset Clinton if Pennsylvania and Michigan vote Republican. Colorado and Nevada turning Blue will send Clinton to the White House, according to Goldman Sachs. Ultimately, a Trump victory demands winning states that haven’t gone Republican for decades. So who prevails and who fizzles? Here’s what to watch out for as election evening unfolds and how long you need to stay up if you’re in Pakistan… All 50 US states and Washington DC will head to the polls across six different time zones on Tuesday. The presidential candidates are in a race to secure 270 out of the 538 votes in the Electoral College.


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Muhammad Omar Afzaal

Muhammad Omar Afzaal

is pursuing his doctoral studies from Brown University.

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