Naya Pakistan, Ahmadi
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    Ilam Khan Reply

    September 19, 2018 at 1:45 pm

    very well written. A comprehensive reading about Ahmedis and religio-political dilemma in Pakistan.
    I only suggest that if could articulate other similar stories, like, Khatm e nabwat, Hazara etc.
    Another, the title is about PTI as liberal political party but the discussion only focuses on Ahmedis.
    Most important, you should or if you could in future, find the conspiracy theories that why, in first pti agreed to provide this office to an Ahmedi and then why the decision was taken back? You should also discuss the two nation theory or ideology of Pakistan. I think this is the basic problem we are facing and on the basis of which our society is radicalized. (This needs a detail discussion).
    The article is really impressive, an interesting topic.

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