A Historical Analysis of India’s Quest for Regional Integration via Chabahar

Key Points:

  • A historical analysis of the Shahid Beheshti Port project assisted through open source satellite imagery analysis by observers at PAK-IMINT reveals various factors that have systemically slowed the developmental progress of Chabahar Port.
  • An important takeaway of the assessment of India’s involvement in the Chabahar Port is that it was more “hype” than “substance”.
  • India rejuvenated efforts to regain its losing foothold in Chabahar through coordination with Uzbekistan as a gateway to tap into understanding with other CARs.
  • By using the INSTC and SCO card, India hopes to lure Russia into the equation and sustain its ambitions.
  • India has come full circle on Chahbahar. Keeping past trends in perspective, it is unlikely that the IPGL will be able to transform Shahid Beheshti Port into a hub of regional significance until the next Indian general elections in mid-2024.

Zaki Khalid

The author is an Intelligence Analyst, Trainer and Consultant with management-level experience in Pakistan's national security sector. He writes for CSCR as an External Contributor and can be reached on Twitter: @misterzedpk

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