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About 80 percent of the world trade is carried out by sea-borne routes. This indicates the importance of warm water sea ports. The South Asian region has great significance since it is located in a region where most of the world’s sea trade passes. Rapid changes are underway in this region namely development of the Gwadar Port and the Chabahar port. The key stakeholders of the two sister ports are China, Pakistan, India, and Iran. Gwadar is the world’s only warm water deep sea port and will provide ingress in Indian Ocean where about 70% of world’s oil trade passes annually. Gwadar port offers access to the Central Asian Republics (CARs), Middle East and the oil rich Gulf States. Chabahar port is 72Km away from Gwadar and it is central to Indian desire to have access to Afghanistan and CARs. It is contended that Gwadar will take the Baluchistan and its people to a splendid destiny. CSCR has formulated an RB in order to assess and compare these two ports.

[button link=”https://cscr.pk/pdf/rb/RB _GwadarvsChabahar.pdf” size=”large” icon=”arrow-down”]Download PDF[/button]

Junaid Roshan Tanoli

is a graduate of Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE).

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