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The dawn of 21st century introduced a new dynamic in power politics and relationships in the globe. Nations fractured, insurgencies grown, societies faltered, and faiths challenged. The genesis of this new age impacted every region on earth. Asia- which hosts many of the world’s fastest growing economies- is significantly impacted by these changes and a new triangular power relationship emerges among China, Russia and Pakistan. With China’s bankrolling and global sway, Russia’s muscular strength and information warfare, and Pakistan’s geostrategic location and its hard-earned experience with terrorism, this emerging strategic relationship has all the political ingredients and economic capital to shape the global environment for years to come.

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Hassan Zaheer

Hassan Zaheer, a Ph.D. candidate in Sociology at the University of Karachi, focuses his research on authoritarian legalism, state power, and Dual-State theory. His specialisations include the sociology of Law, the Sociology of Religion, the Sociology of State, and Political Sociology. He is a non-resident Research Associate at the Centre for Strategic and Contemporary Research (CSCR) in Islamabad.

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