Defense & Security Perspectives

Assessing Emerging Cooperation and Conflict Among China, Iran, and Russia

Key Points: The increasing economic, defence and security cooperation between China, Iran and Russia is being perceived by the West and its allies as a concerning development. Amidst converging interests,…

The Shifting Landscape of Pak-Afghan Engagement Articles Asia Politics & Governance

The Shifting Landscape of Pak-Afghan Engagement

The Pakistani government has decided to send undocumented Afghan citizens back to their homeland. Initially, 1.4 million Afghan refugees were also included in the deportation plan, but they have got…

Deportation Dilemma: Pakistan's Approach to Undocumented Immigrants Articles Asia Politics & Governance

Deportation Dilemma: Pakistan’s Approach to Undocumented Immigrants

On October 3 2023, Pakistan, a warm host to one of the biggest refugee communities, declared its decision to deport all illegal migrants from its territory. The end of October…

Defense & Security Perspectives

TTP’s Tactics and Pakistan’s Policy Options

Key Points: The Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is one of the largest and most organised militant groups operating inside and across the borders of Pakistan. Pakistan has pursued a two-pronged strategy…

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