Afghan Taliban's Ban on Women's Education Articles Asia Politics & Governance

Afghan Taliban’s Ban on Women’s Education

The Taliban government in Afghanistan invited the disappointment of human rights observers and governments worldwide by introducing a university ban on Afghan women until further notice. While the March ban…

Suggested Title The Lost Cause of Preventive Diplomacy in Pak-Afghan Affairs Articles Asia Politics & Governance

The Lost Cause of Preventive Diplomacy in Pak-Afghan Affairs

The start of 2023 for Pakistan on the diplomatic front is not good. Pakistan and Afghanistan came face to face because of the upsurge of terrorist attacks in Pakistan. However,…

Recognising Mutual Enemies Articles Asia Defense & Security

Recognising Mutual Enemies

The takeover of the Taliban government has brought some of the well-founded fears of its neighbours to life. Amongst these is Pakistan’s chief concern of the resurgence of the Tehreek-e-Taliban…

Ruling Taliban's Scarce Contribution to Regional Security Articles Asia Defense & Security

Quest of Regional Security During Taliban’s Rule

A year since the US and allied forces withdrew from Afghanistan has passed, but Afghanistan remains a matter of concern for its neighbours. Taliban are changing, but extremely slowly, the…

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