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Navigating and Preventing ‘Vehicle Borne Terrorism’

The global trend of Vehicle Borne Terrorism (VBT) is mainly fuelled by religious affiliations and revenge motivations. Ever since the resurgence of the global Vehicle Borne Attacks (VBA), terrorism has...
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Barcelona Tragedy: Europe on the Battlefront

IS has steadily lost ground in the Middle East, including territorial defeats and physical losses, yet still increasingly maintains the ability to direct and coordinate terrorist attacks in Europe. Thursday’s…

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Post-Cold War Foreign Policy Spectrum of the United States

History has not ended yet, despite the strong notion that was heralded to this effect by the American political pundits in the aftermath of Cold War. Pragmatism that was suffused…

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Is War Inevitable in the Future?

The possibility of conflict especially on a global level is a major issue in everyday life. The world has seen innumerable conflicts since the beginning of history and now the…

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