An [Artificial] Wheat Shortage Crushes the Masses Articles Asia Politics & Governance

An [Artificial] Wheat Shortage Crushes the Masses

Of late, the Economic Coordination Committee, in order to deal with the wheat shortage and price hike of flour in the country, gave approval for importing 0.3 million tonnes of…

On US-China Trade Deal Articles Trade & Economics

On US-China Trade Deal

In January 2020, President Trump signed phase-I of the trade deal with China’s Vice Premier Liu He. Some people and officials are hoping that this trade deal is a great…

Global Waste Trade: The Ugly Contour of Globalisation Articles Energy & Environment

Global Waste Trade: The Ugly Contour of Globalisation

Connecting two odd worlds, the supranational phenomenon of globalisation is most vehemently manifested in the sphere of global economic integration. The hyper-globalists opine that this revolutionary phenomenon has engaged all…

Region Shallow Promise of Economic Prosperity in Indian-held Jammu and Kashmir Articles Asia Trade & Economics

Shallow Promise of Economic Prosperity in Indian-held Jammu and Kashmir

Since the erasure of Indian-held Jammu and Kashmir (J&K)’s special autonomous status on August 5, the region has remained on an indefinite lockdown for nearly five months. The lockdown is…

Pakistan, Electric Vehicle Policy Articles Asia Energy & Environment

Pakistan’s Electric Vehicle Policy: Opportunities and Challenges

Pakistan at the moment is hit by worst ever smog. The country is the fifth most vulnerable to climate change in the world. Meanwhile, in November 2019, Pakistan government approved…

RCEP and India’s Cosmetic Retreat,Trade Articles Asia Trade & Economics

RCEP and India’s Cosmetic Retreat

Recently, India announced to stay out of the historic free trade agreement of Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). This trade pact has been considered the net economic engine of Indo-Pacific…

Economy, BRI, CPEC Articles Asia Trade & Economics

Resuscitating the Silk Route

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) proposed by the Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013, embodies China’s modern strategy of resuscitating the silk route and exporting China’s development model across…

Artificial Intelligence Articles

Land of Opportunity to Restricted Land: A Case of Economic Migrants

Migration has been going on since centuries. With the evolution of more organized forms of governance and politics, migration was made subject to rules and regulations but it never stopped. …

Trade War. US, China, IMF, BRI, TPP, Asia, Economy, Trade Americas Articles Trade & Economics

The Brewing US-China Trade War

Intentions are one thing but results are entirely another thing. That is precisely what usually happens with protectionist policies: they are aimed at doing one thing, instead end up doing…

Venezuela, Crypto, Currency Americas Articles Trade & Economics

Venezuela’s Tryst with Crypto Currency

Venezuela is undergoing some of its worst moments. This disaster is so huge, that what was at one point one of the largest and most powerful oil companies in the…

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