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Afghanistan’s Ethnic Fault Lines Under Taliban Rule

In Afghanistan, among various ethnicities, four are the biggest in terms of population. Pashtuns make up 45% of the population, making them the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan, primarily present…

Deportation Dilemma: Pakistan's Approach to Undocumented Immigrants Articles Asia Politics & Governance

Deportation Dilemma: Pakistan’s Approach to Undocumented Immigrants

On October 3 2023, Pakistan, a warm host to one of the biggest refugee communities, declared its decision to deport all illegal migrants from its territory. The end of October…

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Emerging Multipolarity: Critical Analysis of a Shifting Global Order

The landscape of international politics is constantly changing, posing a perpetual challenge to the existing global order as trends in high and low politics evolve. Recent events such as the…

Pakistan’s Local Voices vs. External and Internal Colonialism Articles Asia Politics & Governance

Pakistan’s Local Voices vs. External and Internal Colonialism

The suppression of local voices in Pakistan is primarily the result of two different forms of colonialism, which might be described as external colonialism and “internal colonialism.” External colonialism refers…

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