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The Compounding Woes of Venezuela

Venezuela is on the cusp of an economic collapse as President Nicolas Maduro seems to be adamant on destroying the fragile democratic institutions or whatever little remains of them. It…

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Brewing Feud between Moscow and Washington

Vladimir Putin, the incumbent President of the Russian Federation has seen the western media develop a sort of addiction for him, not always positive though. In 2015, during the pinnacle…

Muhammad bin Salman, KSA, US, Islam, Iran, Vision2030 Articles Middle East & North Africa Politics & Governance Publications Region Themes

Muhammad bin Salman – Prodigium of the Gladiator Empire

On 21st of June, 2017, King Salman of Saudi Arabia sent shockwaves within the perennial Kingdom and across the globe with the announcement of succession of his son, Muhammad bin…

Kashmir, India, Pakistan, IOK, Human Rights Articles Asia Politics & Governance Publications Region Themes

Applying the Concept of Sovereignty in Indian Occupied Kashmir

Being political in nature, the concept of sovereignty under jurisprudence means the authority and full power to govern without any interference or opposition. An important ingredient of sovereignty according to…

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