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India: Israel’s Compadre

The recent visit to Israel by the Indian Prime Minister Narendar Damdordas Modi has made headlines in both countries. It was the first visit by an Indian leader to Israel…

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Deciphering US nonchalance in the G20 Summit

The Guardian ran the headline “G19”. Numerous reputable and well established papers across the world, international and domestic, swiftly followed the cue. The Independent, The New York Times, The Washington…

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Giving thought to Trump visit at the G20 Summit

“Whoever believes the problems of this world can be solved by isolationism and protectionism is making a tremendous error on their own face value”, these words not only represent a…

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South Asia and the Efficacy of Soft Power

Ancient Chinese principles of war embodied in Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” preach the notion of a victory where blood need not be spilled. As the age of globalization dawns,…

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