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Lebanese Political Firestorm

Since 2011, the regions of Middle East and North Africa (MENA) have been embroiled in events which took a catastrophic toll on their socio-economic development and strategic stability with nations…

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The Transformative Way Ahead for the KSA

On November 4, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced an unprecedented move by arresting a dozen of princes, current and former officials, and businessmen in what was portrayed as an…

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A Defiant Iran Will Be Trump’s Biggest Challenge

U.S. President Donald J. Trump unveiled his new strategy for Iran on Friday. Expectedly, Trump hurled a barrage of criticism on the Islamic Republic and decertified the multinational and multilateral…

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Underscoring Trump’s World View of Nuclearization

The substance, tone and style of Donald Trump’s discourse about Iran on Friday was an indication of how much the present leader of the United States relishes strife. With his…

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Reckoning the Impact of latest US Sanctions against Iran

The latest US sanctions against Iran come as Tehran launched its satellite carrying rocket into space (the ‘Simorgh’). Washington believes this missile launch to be “shorten[ing] a pathway” to the…

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South Asia and the Efficacy of Soft Power

Ancient Chinese principles of war embodied in Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” preach the notion of a victory where blood need not be spilled. As the age of globalization dawns,…

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Tackling the Multifaceted Challenges in the Counter Terrorism Domain

This mantra needs no reminder that terrorism emanates from extremism, which normally is an outcome of lack of political, social and economic justice, sense of deprivation and exploitation of these…

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Trump’s First Foreign Tour – Dynamism in the US Foreign Policyv

It was 12th December, 2015 when Donald Trump tweeted about how the Saudi Prince’s public criticism of him was due to the fact that the Saudis would not be able…

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Tensive Tendrils of Pakistan Iran Relations

The recent statement by high ranking Major General Mohammad Baqeri to strike at “terror safe havens” inside Pakistan has caused a great tumult in the region.  In response, The Foreign…

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Comparative Analysis of Gwadar and Chabahar: The Two Rival Ports

About 80 percent of the world trade is carried out by sea-borne routes. This indicates the importance of warm water sea ports. The South Asian region has great significance since…

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