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A.R. Cornelius: The Pakistani, Christian Judge Who Supported Constitutional Islamisation

“Looking back, it almost seems inconceivable that the decision of a Christian judge to opt for ‘Muslim’ Pakistan in 1947 would have such far-reaching consequences, not just for the country…

Inefficient Information Control in Pakistan Articles Asia Politics & Governance

Inefficient Information Control in Pakistan

Media, primarily social media, largely contribute to the spread of skewed narratives and fake news. The digital revolution and the increasing rate of internet users have made individuals extremely vulnerable…

Afghan Taliban's Ban on Women's Education Articles Asia Politics & Governance

Afghan Taliban’s Ban on Women’s Education

The Taliban government in Afghanistan invited the disappointment of human rights observers and governments worldwide by introducing a university ban on Afghan women until further notice. While the March ban…

Resumption of the Reko Diq Project Articles Asia Trade & Economics

Resumption of the Reko Diq Project

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has sanctioned an agreement for Barrick Gold’s intent to recommence mining at the Reko Diq mining project. The Foreign Investment (Promotion and Protection) Bill 2022…

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