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Pathankot Joint Investigation Team

Timeline of the Pre-Attack Event 31st December 2015 [Thursday] According to Indian media, five attackers are believed to have infiltrated into India from Bamiyal, 35 km from Pathankot. The handlers…

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RAW- The Reverse Effect Of Doval’s Doctrine

“Introduce a little anarchy, upset the established order and everything becomes chaos” – Heath Ledger The Punch line of Fourth generation Warfare (4th GW) is lethal combination of ad hoc…

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Pakistan-Afghanistan Relations During Ashraf Ghani’s Tenure

Pakistan and Afghanistan, although being neighboring countries, have had an uneasy relationship of mistrust and disaccord. Chances of improved relations took birth in September 2014 when Ashraf Ghani assumed the…

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Islamic Military Alliance

  The Islamic military alliance is an alliance of 34 countries that have decided to fight against terrorism while united. The alliance is formed to fight against all armed groups…

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