The Brahman Strategic Syncretism Articles Asia Politics & Governance

The Brahman Strategic Syncretism

Hinduism is “dharma” or a code of conduct; a disjoint from fundamentals is at the locus of its peculiarity. Its amorphism personifies its millennial survival and resilience. It is identified as one…

Pakistan's Drive Against Islamophobia Articles Asia

Pakistan’s Drive Against Islamophobia

Today, one can observe widespread hatred and uninformed fear of the Islamic faith and its adherents. There are everyday incidences of hate crimes against Muslims. Though the state of affairs…

Decoding Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Order 2020 Articles Asia Politics & Governance

Decoding Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Order 2020

The ethnic and religious composition of the disputed territory of Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) has remained central to the decades-old conflict, primarily because the Kashmir independence movement stands on the…

Deconstructing Delhi State Election Results Articles Asia Politics & Governance

Deconstructing Delhi State Election Results

The recent state election in the Indian state of Delhi declared Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) victorious with a land-slide victory. The party conveniently secured 62 seats in the Delhi state assembly…

Deconstructing Israel Trump’s Deal of the Century: An Absolute Apartheid? Articles Defense & Security

Deconstructing Trump’s Deal of the Century: An Absolute Apartheid?

On January 28, 2020, President Trump announced his so-called ‘deal of the century’ for the resolution of the longstanding Palestine conflict. The official title of the deal is “Peace to…

The Red Right Hand and Another Tory Term Articles Europe Politics & Governance

The Red Right Hand and Another Tory Term

In John Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’, when Belial, a fallen angel, argues in favor of ending the war in heaven, he tries to unnerve his fellow rebels with the fear of…


Acquittal of Asia Bibi and March of Violence

Recent episode of violent protests across Pakistan on the acquittal of Asia Bibi quaked the country to its core, seriously tarnishing the social fabric of the society. The acquittal was…

OIC Emergency Summit is going to take place today in Istanbul in response to President Trump’s decision of relocating the US embassy to Jerusalem. Middle East & North Africa Politics & Governance

Relighting OIC for Jerusalem

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is the second largest intergovernmental, political organisation with 57 members after the United Nations. It was created in response to the arson of Al-Aqsa…

Lebanese, Political, MiddleEast, Lebanon, KSA, Iran, Islam Articles Explore Middle East & North Africa Politics & Governance Publications Region Themes

Lebanese Political Firestorm

Since 2011, the regions of Middle East and North Africa (MENA) have been embroiled in events which took a catastrophic toll on their socio-economic development and strategic stability with nations…

Authoritarianism, Curse, Pakistan,China, India, Arab Spring Articles Asia Publications Region Themes

Curse of Authoritarianism: Pakistan’s Viceregal Politics and Regimentality of Social Institutions

In the world order which was emerging after World-War II, the British Empire was struggling to maintain its colonies all over the world and especially in the subcontinent. The war…

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