Biden’s Nuclear Arms Control Policy: Revival or Collaps Americas Articles Defense & Security

Biden’s Nuclear Arms Control Policy: Revival or Collapse

International treaties establish universal norms to limit the development and spread of nuclear weapons, technologies, and related materials. Existing non-proliferation and arms control norms are being frequently weakened due to…

Mapping the Contours of Russia-Pakistan Security Cooperation Articles Asia Defense & Security

Mapping the Contours of Russia-Pakistan Security Cooperation

The world is going through several geopolitical changes, such as the relative decline of the US’ global pre-eminence, the return of major powers’ competition, Russia-China entente and the emergence of…

Russia and Pakistan New Strategy for Closer Ties Articles Asia Politics & Governance

Russia and Pakistan New Strategy for Closer Ties

It is believed that there are no lasting friends or adversaries in the domain of foreign relations, just interests are essential and preeminent. Each country on the planet holds fast…

Gulf, US, Iran, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia Articles Asia Defense & Security

War in the Gulf

An average benign thought would defy the possibility of war between a United States (US) — who has seemingly failed to sustain a stable government in Afghanistan or Iraq, has…

DPRK, US, Russia Articles Asia Politics & Governance

Normalisation of US-DPRK Relations and the Role of Russia

Following decades of confrontation between Washington and Pyongyang, it appeared last year that there was a real chance of moving forward. However, two summits between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump…

Algeria, US, MENA, Russia Articles Middle East & North Africa Politics & Governance

Geopolitics of post-Bouteflika Algeria

After weeks of protest, Algeria’s octogenarian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika finally resigned on April 2nd. His departure from Algeria’s political landscape has opened up debates about the future trajectory the North…

Venezuela, US, Russia Americas Articles Politics & Governance

Venezuela: The Next Stage for Great Power Rivalry

If history were to ever set in stone a literary reference to the evolution of thought and policy, Francis Fukuyama’s account in ‘The End of History’ would definitely make it…

Naya Pakistan, USA Articles Asia Politics & Governance

Aligning the Future of Naya Pakistan with the United States

The love-hate tale of relations between US and Pakistan has remained one of the highlights of South Asian politics. Both countries share an enriched history of instances when their interest…

FIFA World Cup, Russia Articles Europe

FIFA World Cup and Russian Soft Power

Even before the whistle had blown on 15th of July to crown France as the world champions at the end of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, media around the world…

Political, Pakistan, Articles Asia Politics & Governance

Pakistan’s Political Paradox

The transition of power in Pakistan has always been an enthralling power play not only for the internal political actors electioneering in a politically-charged environment, hurling accusations at each other;…

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