Failed Peace in Sudan Articles Defense & Security Middle East & North Africa

Failed Peace in Sudan

The recent breakout of violence in Sudan stems from a long history of conflict between multiple stakeholders in the country. These stakeholders have been engaged in a constant confrontation over…

Expanding Diplomatic Footprint: Pakistan and East Africa Articles Asia Middle East & North Africa Sub Saharan Africa Trade & Economics

Expanding Diplomatic Footprint: Pakistan and East Africa

A few years ago, whenever one thought of Africa words like disease, poverty and crisis came to mind. Over the years, the resilient people of the African continent have turned…

Sudanese, Climatic Cause, Climate Change, War Articles Energy & Environment Sub Saharan Africa

Sudanese Unrest and the Underplaying Covert Climatic Causes

For all the glorification ascribed to democracy; it should come as no surprise as to why most societies today aspire for a system with more civilian liberties based around egalitarian…

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