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Pakistan’s Test of Shaheen-III: Countering Indian Aggression

Defence of a state emphasises long-lasting contemplation of modern strategy, the induction of weapons, and the modernisation of conventional...

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Confidence Building Measures Between India-Pakistan: Hope for Bilateral Peace

Recent months have witnessed multiple headlines announcing ceasefire at the Line of Control (LoC), resumption of bilateral trade and...

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Key Points: Spurred on by its economic power and global diplomatic heft, India has tried to pursue hegemonic ambitions...

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Biden’s Nuclear Arms Control Policy: Revival or Collaps

International treaties establish universal norms to limit the development and spread of nuclear weapons, technologies, and related materials. Existing...

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Pakistan’s Nuclear Energy Programme for Sustainable Development: Trends and Challenges

Faced with a burgeoning energy crisis and the accumulative economic cost of using fossil fuels to address energy shortfall,...

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Debating the Implications of India’s Fast-Tracked Missile Testing

India’s quest for regional hegemony and the existence of great power politics has increased the fragility of South Asian...

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