Research Program

Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change

Concerning environmental trends, including rising temperatures, flooding and heat waves becoming a norm alongside diminishing water resources, have necessitated the need to rethink the national policy and decision-making processes and the subsequent repercussions attached to the said processes. The approach to effectively deal with the aforementioned areas clearly lacks the incorporation of environmental impacts emanating from the decisions and policies crafted on the national level. Realizing that it is ultimately the people who will face the brunt of this negligence, The Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Program is a research and policy initiative, which aims at putting environmental concerns at the forefront of national development and policy discourse. This multi-disciplinary initiative makes up-to-date research on challenges and solutions, available to academicians, policy-makers, and interested individuals.

  • expert, cscr

    Program Coordinator

    Zahra Khan Durrani

    Research Associate, Centre for Strategic and Contemporary Research


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