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America Isolated

When Vladimir Putin ordered his hackers to surreptitiously help Donald Trump in the presidential race, he could hardly have anticipated that once in office, Mr. Trump would so outrageously, destructively...
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Why Ataturk’s legacy is debated 80 years after his death

Istanbul, Turkey - For decades, his image has dominated the landscape of Turkey, his icy-blue eyes staring down from the walls of every school, hospital and government institution. Even the sleepiest of...
qatar, gulf, crisis Assorted Readings

The Gulf crisis one year on: What next for Qatar?

When the blockade was imposed on Qatar on June 5, 2017, few expected it to last as long as it has. One year on, what started as an expression of frustration with,...
Nation, Falls Assorted Readings

When nation-states fail, moderate voices are silenced

The image of the angry man holding a little girl in one arm while violently abusing Yiannis Boutaris, the 75-year-old mayor of Thessaloniki with the other, shocked Greeks. Boutaris was attacked by...
Venezuela, Russia, Battleground Assorted Readings

Venezuela: A New U.S.–Russia Battleground

The Kremlin, buoyed by its success in helping the Assad regime stave off collapse, is trying to pull off a similar trick in a troubled part of America’s backyard: Venezuela....
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Trump’s foreign policy is one part Reagan, one part John Kerry

There was a tense moment during the 2016 Republican primary debates when former Florida governor Jeb Bush challenged Donald Trump for saying he would be “honored” to meet with North...
Palestinian Assorted Readings

The spirit of Palestinian resistance will not be broken

If you are familiar with the term "Nakba", you probably think of it as a historical Palestinian grievance over events that unfolded 70 years ago. That was the time when...
Women, Soldiers Assorted Readings

Will Letting Women Fight Fix Gender Inequality?

In 2016, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced that all combat service roles would be open to women, without exception. It was a controversial move, and it gave way to...
Appeasement, India, Muslims Assorted Readings

The Myth of Appeasement

In the current debate on the place of the Muslims in India, one variable has not been factored in — their socio-economic situation — as if the dominant repertoire had...
modi, silence, women, india Assorted Readings

Modi’s Long Silence as Women in India Are Attacked

Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India tweets frequently and considers himself a talented orator. Yet he loses his voice when it comes to speaking out about the dangers faced by women and...

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