Assorted Readings

Assorted Readings

Book Review I UN Peacekeeping Operations in Somalia 1992- 1995: A Pakistani Perspective

“I assure you that any U.S. press report critical of any contingent in this amazing coalition effort is pure fantasy, not fact. We have made that clear in our own…

Weapons Assorted Readings

Hypersonic Weapons: A Critical Appraisal of Speed and Technology Bonhomie

The precursor to hypersonic weapons is the speed. In every kinetic and non-kinetic operations, speed is a key factor at the very onset of battle. The German’s Blitzkrieg (lightning war)…

Pakistan Assorted Readings

One Year in Office: Revisiting Imran Khan’s Foreign Policy

When Prime Minister Imran Khan assumed office a year ago, in August 2018, Pakistan-United States relations were at a low point following the Trump administration freezing aid over Pakistan’s “failure” to take decisive action…

Establishment of UN Cyber Peacekeeping Force: Prospects and Challenges Assorted Readings

Establishment of UN Cyber Peacekeeping Force: Prospects and Challenges

With the emergence of cyberspace as the fifth domain of warfare, the prospects of cyber conflicts have increased significantly. Around 300 state-sponsored cyber operations have been conducted since 2005. The…

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