What did Hamas hope to achieve from its attack?

What did Hamas hope to achieve from its attack?

Hamas’s key objective has remained the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. Earlier this year, Hamas called on the Palestinians in the West Bank and other areas to rise and…

Deportation Dilemma: Pakistan's Approach to Undocumented Immigrants

Deportation Dilemma: Pakistan’s Approach to Undocumented Immigrants

On October 3 2023, Pakistan, a warm host to one of the biggest refugee communities, declared its decision to deport all illegal migrants from its territory. The end of October…

Analysing the BRICS Expansion

Foreseeable Implications of BRICS Expansion

BRICS began as a close-knit group of four countries, namely Russia, China, Brazil, and India. They came together to develop an inclusive financial system that would advance multilateral trade and…

The Western Media’s Portrayal of the Israel-Hamas War

The Western Media’s Portrayal of the Israel-Hamas War

There has been a significant number of articles criticising the reporting by the Western media on the Israel-Hamas war. This article addresses some of the more problematic tendencies in this…

Examining Pakistan's First National Adaptation Plan

Examining Pakistan’s First National Adaptation Plan

In July of this year, Pakistan came up with its first-ever seven-year National Adaptation Plan (NAP) spanning from 2023 to 2030. The plan aims to address the detrimental consequences of…

Dispatch 6 – Dr. Adil Sultan on India’s Evolving Nuclear Posture and Regional Stability

In the sixth episode of Experts’ Dispatch, Director, Centre for Aerospace and Strategic Studies, Dr. Adil Sultan explains India’s evolving nuclear posture and how it will impact South Asian regional...


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