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UNSC Reforms for International Peace and Pakistan’s Stance

It is considered in the best interest of every nation state to seek a more democratic and effective mechanism for engaging in international peace and security through reforms in United…

Image Credits: Pak goof
UNSC Reforms for International Peace and Pakistan's Stance


Yemen US Iran Saudi Arab UN

Yemen Crisis: The New Derivative of Middle East’s Security

The Arabian Peninsula is going through a chaotic transition since the American invasion of Iraq. During the last two decades, the strategic culture of the Middle East witnessed twofold transition….

Can Pakistan bring Riyadh and Tehran on the table Saudi

Can Pakistan bring Riyadh and Tehran on the Table

Pakistan has always been left with tough choices in its longstanding bilateral relations of shared ambitions and mutual interests; such is the case of its relation with the two Middle…

United Kingdom, European Union EU

EU at the Brink with Brexit

Britain’s determination of leaving the EU, even when facing penalties and knowing that it will have more trade restrictions in an already depressing European economy – raises some vital question…

SCS China, Cybersecurity, Artificia

Decoding the Complexities of Chinese Social Credit Systems Infrastructure

By next year, China aims to have the capability to track the social behaviour of its 1.4 billion population under a complex infrastructure of social credit systems (SCS) through modern…

The North, The South and The Plastic

The North, The South and The Plastic

In the recent decades, as the climate question has constantly become more and more relevant, its scope has widened incrementally. What was initially a mere matter of environment, now is…

Dispatch 4 – Dr. Tughral Yamin on Pakistan in the Age of Cyber Security In the fourth episode of Experts' Dispatch, Associate Dean, Centre of International Peace and Stability, NUST, Dr. Tughral Yamin discusses the current state of cybersecurity in Pakistan and provides...


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