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The PTI government’s directionless Kashmir policy

Policymaking in Pakistan does not always follow strictly linear paths. Fairness demands a deeper analysis of PTI’s performance to determine whether it is tailored toward applying pressure on India for…

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The PTI government’s directionless Kashmir policy pakistan


Fukushima Accident: Challenges and Japan Lessons

Fukushima Accident: Challenges and Lessons

The dawn of the nuclear age has brought acute prospects and numerous challenges to international peace and security. The concept of deterrence has considerably reduced the chances of an all-out…

Pakistan, India, Geostrategic

Conceptualising Pakistan’s Geostrategic Identity

Pakistan’s strategic location is routinely touted by government functionaries and observers across the world to describe its distinct geographic resource value in terms of trade, connectivity, and security. In retrospect,…

United Kingdom, European Union EU

EU at the Brink with Brexit

Britain’s determination of leaving the EU, even when facing penalties and knowing that it will have more trade restrictions in an already depressing European economy – raises some vital question…

SCS China, Cybersecurity, Artificia

Decoding the Complexities of Chinese Social Credit Systems Infrastructure

By next year, China aims to have the capability to track the social behaviour of its 1.4 billion population under a complex infrastructure of social credit systems (SCS) through modern…

The North, The South and The Plastic

The North, The South and The Plastic

In the recent decades, as the climate question has constantly become more and more relevant, its scope has widened incrementally. What was initially a mere matter of environment, now is…

Dispatch 4 – Dr. Tughral Yamin on Pakistan in the Age of Cyber Security In the fourth episode of Experts' Dispatch, Associate Dean, Centre of International Peace and Stability, NUST, Dr. Tughral Yamin discusses the current state of cybersecurity in Pakistan and provides...


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