Ruling Taliban's Scarce Contribution to Regional Security Articles Asia Defense & Security

Quest of Regional Security During Taliban’s Rule

A year since the US and allied forces withdrew from Afghanistan has passed, but Afghanistan remains a matter of concern for its neighbours. Taliban are changing, but extremely slowly, the…

Indian Air Force Activates S-400 Squadron in Punjab Articles Asia Defense & Security

Indian Air Force Activates S-400 Squadron in Punjab

Mainstream media reports from India reported that the Indian Air Force (IAF) had deployed the first battery of S-400 missile systems in Punjab. Each S-400 battery typically consists of eight…

Increasing Populism in Pakistan and the Dilemma for the Current Government Articles Asia Politics & Governance

Increasing Populism in Pakistan – A Dilemma for the Current Government

From a civil disobedience campaign when in opposition to the dissolution of his own assemblies when in government, Imran Khan’s political manoeuvres have always been bold and surprising. Ever since…

Army's Purported Intervention in Pakistan's Politics Articles Asia Politics & Governance

Army’s Purported Intervention in Pakistan’s Politics

Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff (COAS) reportedly reached out to the US Deputy Secretary of State last Friday to address the country’s current economic insecurity and ensure the early disbursement…

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