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Three Scenarios for Indo-Pak Relations under Modi 2.0

In a historic win, Narendra Modi has won another term in office as prime minister of India while his party, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), has won an even larger majority than…

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Lok Sabha Election 2019: Implications for Pakistan

Now that the fourth phase of the election for India’s Lok Sabha has concluded, the verdict is less than a month away. The election results will decide who will form…

Reductio Ad Absurdum: Is This What Democracy Looks Like? Assorted Readings

Reductio Ad Absurdum: Is This What Democracy Looks Like?

To borrow a concept as archaic in provenance as done so in the title, is as purposeful to the state of democracy in Britain and Brexit in particular as was…

Forced conversions are Islam an organized crime Assorted Readings

Forced conversions are an organized crime

Tharparkar district in Sindh has seen some of the most heart rending misery that can befall a people. From famines and droughts to endemic malnutrition and epidemic disease, it has…

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